Too Soon for Halloween? Not according to the Three Lost Kids.

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If your kids are anything like mine, they have been planning their Halloween costumes since last year.

Normally my kids change their minds a lot, but this year they have been pretty consistent–at least for the next Three Lost Kids book I have coming out. The Three Lost Kids and The Death of the Sugar Fairy will launch October 2, and the girls have picked their trick or treat outfits for this debut.

Maddie is a dark fairy.

Bella is a dragon.

Lexie is an angel.

In this book, the girls discover a Haunted House that’s really haunted! And there’s a dying Sugar Fairy inside! They must travel through a scary land full of hungry Sugar Bugs, terrifying Cavity Caves and menacing Giant Gummy Bears with candy cane swords in order to rescue the Sugar Baby and the Sugar Flower and save the Sugar Fairy and Halloween!

Will they make it? Find out in October!

I’m also doing a fun month long blog hop to celebrate Halloween Neil Gaiman style. A few years ago, one of my favorite authors, Neil Gaiman, started a new tradition: All Hallow’s Read. Give a book for Halloween… that’s it! So I’m giving books away. For any Mommy/Daddy bloggers or book bloggers specializing in children’s literature or anyone who thinks their readers will include mom’s and dad’s… I’m giving a signed copy of The Death of The Sugar Fairy in paperback for a giveaway on their blog, plus a free ebook for the blogger and for one reader on their blog! All you have to do is participate in the tour and you will be given some blogging options: A guest post by me, an interview with me and/or my kids, a feature article of some kind that you write and/or a review of the book.

For those of you wondering when Maddie World, the final book in the original full-color special edition trilogy, is coming out… I’m still waiting on my artist. He got hit hard by grad school this year and so we’re still hoping for a June 26th launch.

Keep an eye on this site, my main author site at or my publisher site at for details! Also, visit Evolved Publishing and check out the beautiful picture books by Emlyn Chand.

If you want to join the blog hop, go here to sign up. It’s going to be a lot of fun!

A few notes:

Lexie World, Bella World and Maddie World are all fully illustrated chapter books (in color) that are written in first person from each girl. They are a special edition trilogy that follows the girls as they discover their worlds. The paperback versions include a coloring book in the back based on the art in the book. They are so fun and look beautiful in print. Hardbacks will be available by fall through Evolved Publishing.

The Three Lost Kids series moving forward will have black and white illustrations and be adventure books where the girls and their dog go to all sorts of new places.

Here’s what you can look forward to:

Maddie World: June 26th

The Three Lost Kids and the Death of the Sugar Fairy: Oct. 2

The Three Lost Kid and the Christmas Curse: November 26th

The Three Lost Kid and Cupid’s Capture: Jan. 2013